1919 Max Wagner Sr. establishes a timber trading company in Bohmte. First activities include the merchandising of wooden posts used for the construction of mines and the building of the Bremerhaven overseas port.

1935 Both sons Max Wagner Jr. and Friedrich Wagner join the company.

1949 Construction of a sawmill in Bohmte for cutting local species.

1958 Several bandsaw lines are added for the production of exotic timber.

1968 Hans-Jürgen Wagner assumes the role of Director. Import activities from Africa, Asia and North America are intensified.

1992 Relocation of the sawmill to Bad Essen´s industrial park with direct access to the “Mittelland” canal and a rail site. Installation of a band saw.

2001 Increased cutting of domestic species; additional dry kilns and a steam chamber are added.

2016 The Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Osnabrücker Land (RWO) takes ownership of Max Wagner KG.

2019 Modernization of the sawmill in the area of automation processes with main emphasis on lumber sorting.