SERVICES and CUSTOM SOLUTIONS have the highest priority at Max Wagner. We will accompany you with the highest level of competency and expertise in terms of custom cutting, custom drying and flexible logistical solutions pertaining to timber transport.

Custom Sawing

With our band saw in combination with the optional custom cutting line, we are able to provide you with flexible and precise customer-individual sawing options. Our band saw allows the processing of log diameters above 160 cm and can surpass lengths of over 7,0 metres. The semi-automatic sorting line provides flexibility and can be adjusted to your exact sorting specifications. Our spacious premises include large outdoor warehouse spaces for ideal air-drying solutions, if required. Our available indoor warehouses guarantee optimal wood care and value preservation. 

Custom Drying

Our sawmill operates ten kilns, four vacuum and six conventional. One of the conventional kilns offers the combination of drying and steaming. This translates to an availability of roughly 1,000 m3 of drying and 80 m3 of steaming capacity. Our outdoor warehouse area will provide optimal pre-drying storage conditions in preparation for the final KD process. After the kiln drying process, our indoor storage depot ensures proper value preservation.


Our facility has his own port access, railway site and is well connected to highways and first-rate local road networks. If you wish, we will organize your to-and-from transport of both lumber and logs. Our long term local and global logistic partners will ensure flexible, prompt and price conscientious transportation options.

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